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About Chikas Cleaners

Meet Adriana

Founder and CEO, Adriana, Started Chikas Cleaners in her greatest time of need. She is a single mother of 4 daughters. When she came to Utah, she decided to start a cleaning business that would make a difference in people’s lives.

She wanted to provide a service that would bring joy and harmony in the home of others. At the same time she was highly aware of the huge need for jobs in the female latino community, so she decided to help.

She founded Chikas Cleaners in 2015, with a big dream to one day be able to train and hire other latina women that were in need for a job to provide for their families. 

Adriana didn’t want to just hire women to grow her business, she wanted to help women get on their feet and have a better life and quality of living that otherwise wouldn’t  have a opportunity . 

Today Chikas Cleaners has 12+ Chikas in the team. 

At Chikas Cleaners, the Chikas are payed more and have more autonomy than any other cleaning service in Utah. She built a structure that allows her employees to have ownership of their work and schedule. 

Each Chika has the flexibility to take on the amount of client they want, and to maintain a personal and long lasting relationship  while having a flexible schedule, because most are moms.



They were super easy to schedule and very professional! They were efficient and did an amazing job! We are so happy with the results we just signed up to have them come on a regular basis. Their rates are very reasonable. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!
Nate Rubiano Hiatt
Provo, Utah