The Best Lady
House Cleaners In Utah

We are an all-woman house cleaning company that delivers luxury home cleaning, airbnb cleaning and office cleaning. We are located in Provo/Orem and we service most of Northern Utah.

A Luxury Home Cleaning Service

We understand that your home is a sacred and personal space for you and your family. 

Our house cleaners will make your life easier. 

Our goal is to make every home we clean a better and healthier place.

Make It Personal

You have the option to choose the same Chika to come and clean your home every time.

When you use the booking tool you will choose who you want. This way you have a familiar face every time.

Schedule cleanings as often as you need to keep your home exactly how you want it.  

Get Free Deep Cleanings Services

When you become a Chikas Cleaners Member by having reoccurring cleanings,  you get one to two free add-on features on a rotating basis completely free.

For example, on top of doing all your requested cleaning, we will clean one or two extra things as needed in your home from the add-on category such as windows, doors, walls, and baseboards.

This way you get the equivalent of spring cleaning all year round. 


Want to make booking even easier?

Try our NEW Booking Portal!

 Schedule all your appointments, leave comments, reviews and manage your account.

Try Our New Booking Portal

Take control of your cleanings with our new booking tool. You are now able request specific details for each cleaning. When you use our new booking tool, now you can add specifically the things that need most attention in your home. Best of all it calculates the price instantly for you. You can now have reliable results without any unexpected surprises. 

House Cleaners Services

Airbnb Cleaning

We have personal experience running Airbnbs and so we know exactly what our clients need. Our highest priority is getting you high reviews and making it easy for you.

House Cleaning

Our home cleaning service is unmatched by anyone else in Utah because of how family centered we are. We place our clients needs above everything.

Office Cleaning

We are reliable and detailed at a price you will love, so that your team can focus on your business.

The best of Utah County Cleaning Services

Our clients speak for our results, we deliver consistently the best cleaning service time after time! 

Try our cleaning service and experience it for yourself.


Honesty & Trasperancy

We are open and clear about the details of the service we provide and we allow you to clearly detail what specifically you want cleaned and how. 


Member Benefits

We provide discounts for members that choose us on a reoccurring schedule. We are building relationships. We spend time getting to know you and your personal needs. We take it personally.


Make A Difference

We are a Latino family business, founded and created here in Utah. Built to provide opportunity and jobs to highly skilled females of Latin American Background.

Utah County's Most Trusted and Respected Cleaning Services

Allow your body and mind to sense a haven of tranquility

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Luxury Home Cleaning

You are not just another client. Here at Chikas Cleaners we take the time to build a relationship and deliver customized cleaning based on your needs.

Familiar Faces

If welcoming a familiar and trusted hands into your home is important to you, then Chikas Cleaners is just what you need.

Premium Quality

We stand 100% behind our cleaning standard. You have the ability to clearly specify how and what you want cleaned and if it is not done to your satisfaction we will return and make it right.